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|[ Setting Right The Wrong ]|

Ok, so awhile back I read an article in some magazine that listed the 100 most beautiful women (chosen by readers) and I was horrified. The top 50 were just a bunch of skanks! Liv Tyler came in somewhere in the 70's!

This is unacceptable. Even though I know that no one will care, I've come up with my own list (albeit shorter...):

|[ Yeah ]|

Yeah, so I haven't posted here in awhile. Its all good.

Thing is, the last two months I've been wasting my time in a controlled learning environment known as 'college' and I had no time to do anything else. Essentially, it leeched all my creativity. =(

More in a bit...

|[ Gillian Anderson Demystifies LAN Switching ]|


|[ Visions in my head ]|

I think Joey needs a hug.

|[ Search This! ]|

Things to search for when its your birthday and you've turned 22 years old...

Here's a good article to read.

|[ Girls ]|

I thought about girls today.

I keep having the same visions. I have them during classes and I have them each night before I fall asleep.

They're everything I could have ever wanted, and its not even all that much. Most guys take it for granted.

|[ I'M FAMOUS, I'M FAMOUS@!#!^$%$ ]|

That's right. I got quoted in the campus newspaper in this story:

"A dent in the wall located near the floor is a result of the shot, said senior psychology and computer science major Joe Testa, who is also a sixth floor resident. Prince George's County Police were examining the dent last night."

So when do I get some groupies??

|[ More from the Peanut Gallery ]|

Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the
ark; professionals built the Titanic.

-- Anonymous

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